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Our Story

Caribbean Roti Phrom Phong Branch1.jpg

One night, two guys from New York City who met in Bangkok were reminiscing about the Caribbean and Soul foods from home that they missed dearly. After six months of meticulous work, they managed to modify some family recipes and create a series of unique Caribbean rotis and pies. They knew instantly they had to share this with Thailand and thus Caribbean Roti was born! Caribbean Roti offers a rich culinary experience which showcases a blend of these vibrant cultures and offers up intensely flavorful food layered with exotic spices. Our food is created from premium quality ingredients resulting in addicting flavors and enticing aromas! Cooking is an art and baking is a science; and we’ve taken this philosophy into consideration with each of our recipes. Caribbean Roti offers you a taste of Caribbean Soul Food which is rarely seen in Asia.

Our Mission

At Caribbean Roti our mission is to offer innovative Caribbean Soul Food cuisine using fresh high-quality ingredients. We want to be the sole brand that comes to mind when one thinks of Caribbean Soul Food.

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